E-Learning Web Application

I designed the visual identity and the user interface for this continuing-education e-learning web application.  I wanted the identity to be joyful, as this app would be used not only at work, but also at home, and in public transportation.

The visual identity contains bright colors that pops out on a dark grey background. The lines and light dots represent the moments of enlightenment brought by new knowledge, and the excitement of learning. The light curves are representing the progression and the learning curves. On the dashboard screen, it is used as a timeline, on which days are pinned on, like milestones or flower blossoms.

UI Mockup of the app.

The timeline was a key element of the application. It had to represent a calendar, displaying the 5 days of the learning program, and it had to be a navigation menu, for the user to go back and forth in the different lessons and exercices. It had to clearly differentiate the current day, the selected day,  the past days and the validated days.

Login page.
Login page.