Histoires Exquises


Participative audio exquisite corpse to record the collective subconsciousness

Histoires Exquises is a tool built to allow everyone to participate in a global story, by recording themselves for 3 seconds in a microphone. They can listen to the story previously recorded by the other participant, and choose a sequence to record over. The story is constantly evolving from one exhibition to an other. Because it’s oral, it was possible to exhibit it in different countries, with people from very different backgrounds, cultures or languages.

Histoires Exquises in Meknes Morocco, presented in a voting booth.

Originally presented to Morocco, the installation was hidden in a booth. Wink the link between freedom of expression and democracy, this display has also encouraged greater spontaneity. In other events the installation was made ​​without voting booth.

Histoires Exquises v.2 was presented without booth, and the control device includes a play/pause button.

The oral aspect of the installation makes the participation accessible (illiterate, open to all languages), playful and spontaneous, and each participant is identifiable while remaining anonymous.

Recording from archives, march 2011